My Wish List 2017

This entry is already pretty late considering we’re already at the 2nd Quarter of the year 2017.

Do people still write wish lists? I wrote one on 2012 and reminiscing about it was a good memory. Despite not being able to accomplish all, some have stayed behind as a want, some were fulfilled and of course some were forgotten.

I can buy some of these things but unless it is a complete necessity, I would love to waive it for as long as possible.

1) Hard Drive

As I grow older, I spend less time in front of the PC. But that doesn’t mean I have no files in the PC. My brother has been telling me to remove my files from his hard drive but I still haven’t brought one until now. This item was on my previous wishlist and it still is. It’s been 7 years since I wanted this thing.

2) Laptop

I originally wanted a Macbook but with its heavy price tag, I can’t afford it. Maybe someday… Sometimes I wonder if I’m influenced with the Apple Craze but honestly, I just want to try something different from Microsoft.

To be honest, I don’t really stay on the computer for long since I really can’t sit upright anymore, say like 10 years ago. This item was on my previous wishlist and it still is.

3) Travel to 2-3 countries this 2017

For the past 3 years, I’ve been really lucky to be able to travel to at least 1-2 countries a year. In my life, this is probably one of the things which I have never expected to happen 10 years ago.

I already did Osaka this 2017 so hopefully, 2 more?

4) Reach a 6 digit sum in my bank account (Priority)

Reaching my quarter age soon, I’m so disappointed at myself that I haven’t reach the 6 digit mark yet. At the same time it’s acceptable since circumstances is limiting me to reach my goal. If my computation is correct, I should be able to reach it at the end of 2017 or mid-2018.

5) Contact lens

I have been wearing glasses all my life so it would be nice if I can have a day to see without the glasses. But I’m not prepared with being a neat yet.

This item was on my previous wishlist and it still is.

6) Driving

At 24, I still can’t drive and it really doesn’t matter since we don’t have a car. I’m still trying to convince myself that I can do it.


Aside from #4, this is one of the things which I want to more than #5. I know that the possibility of wearing the glasses again but sometimes, it’s just good to not wear the glasses.

8) Mystery Room Game

I’ve always liked detective games and would like to try it. Limiting factor is probably the price tag.

9) Trampouline Park

I’ve been seeing this advertisement at Metrodeal and it seems like a new and good experience. The only limiting factor is the location and my laziness doesn’t help.

10) Archery (DONE)

I’m pretty much divided about this. I want to try but I also don’t want. I know that I’m weak in dexterity especially those involving target practice and it’s my number one limiting factor.

Actually, my brother won a voucher from the archery at Megamall when we went there last time. It was actually the time when I should have first tried archery but I was a coward and told him to do the activity himself. (Additionally, the instructors that time were busy doing something else (eg. talking among themselves) and felt that the attention given to a first timer was insufficient). So he won that day, and he wanted to claim the voucher so we went again last week of March.

This time around I’ve realized that I’m really unfit. It was only 25 arrows but I really felt tired after shooting less than 10 arrows. It doesn’t help that my form is bad and I can’t close my left eye. Instructors this time were better and more attentive to us first timers. My brother was better the first time around so I still think he also needed a refresher. The shooter and target practice was nearer this time compared to the last time we were there. Since I’m the slowest, I just felt pressured shooting the arrows since everyone is waiting. Even the kids are better than me. 

Would I try again? Not in a pressured environment.

**Will be updated when I think of new things.