First Time to Try Cold Wax

Okay, to be honest, I think this is the first time I’ve left my armpit hair to grow for more than 2 weeks. This is because I’ve been conplemtating whether to use Veet or finally try one of the methods recommended online, which is waxing.

Okay so I will start first with Veet. Veet was recommended to me by my mother since she read it in a magazine I think. Before Veet, I use a razor. But the problem was razor was said to be bad and it causes chicken skin + dark underarm.

One of the downsides of Veet was its chemical smell. I really didn’t like it so I returned to shaving. But our pedia said that it worked for her. Unfortunately, I really didn’t see any improvement. I guess I’m also lucky that my armpits aren’t that black.

Best option was laser removal but don’t have money.

Another was asking a person to wax for you but this is also quite pricy + you need to give tip too.

So I finally decided to try DIY cold wax since it’s cheaper. Fortunately, I have a meet up at trinoma so 2 birds with one stone.

I bought strip it, the chocolate flavor, since the lady said it was better since it has moisturing effect. And it was not until yesterday that I’ve first tried it.

My mom was the one who did it for me (even for my first veet) but it was pretty unsuccessful (July 20, 2014) but was able to remove a very small portion. So she said do it tomorrow again (July 21, 2014). So tomorrow came and we did it again. . . Was able to pull more hair than previous but still was not enough.

Finally decided to do it myself since it also felt better when I did the veet myself. Happy when I was able to pull a few hair. I guess everything just adjusted but I think I’ve used half of the 100g already. And after 6 cloths and epic fail removing at my right armpit, I was able to remove a lot from my left armpit. Then another lot of hair. It wasn’t that clean but Hey! First time in doing things like this what do you expect.

I think I was able to pull my roots since I can see blood. It’s an open wound. No pain, no gain as they say in beauty.

I am tried after doing that ordeal plus the four package sent/meet up and dropping by Linde today.

One step closer to womanhood.