Throwback Past: A TinierMe Game – Sevens

Hi all! I think I’m starting a Throwback Past posts just to reminiscence on things which I used to love doing. I’m sure the internet won’t die soon and people when getting old and forgets things important to them. I hope the entries I write here would still be alive 10 years from now so I can remind myself the experiences I’ve encountered.

TinierMe closed on December 12, 2012. This entry was first written in 2010 or 2011, I’m just trying to fix it now.

Tinier Me is a free online social network game somewhat like Gaia and a bit like Neopets which uses avatars. It showcases and heavily promotes Japanese kawaii graphics with eye-candy items and their Mascot named Selfy. Animes like Kuroshitsuji and programs like Voice Synthesizer Vocaloid are also promoted.

Similiar to any other social networking games, it has a chatbox, towns, group party, quests, and designing your characters. What is unique with this game is that it uses Gashapon, or Gacha for short (“capsule toys” in English) to purchase clothes and accessories and if you’ve collected the whole collection, you’ll get a special item for that particular collection. This site also sells “Real cash coins” too, conveniently called G-coins. Having G-coins will let you get better items for your collection.

That’s simply it. I’m not too active with going to town or doing quests. I just play with Gacha if I have extra coins and design my characters to be pretty (but difficult since I don’t subscribe to G-coins).

What really makes me come back to this site is its games. Tinierme has five games namely Tinier Fishing, Doki Doki IQ High School, two card games: Old Maid and Sevens and the latest game, Tinier Cafe, which is connected to facebook.

I had tried them all but out of these five games, I only play Sevens (I find fishing boring, IQ high school twisted my brain, I don’t need another Cafe Land, Old Maid is a luck game and my luck isn’t that good). Sevens, I don’t know what it is really called it really is called SEVENS and I can’t find other sites or someone who knows the game. Unfortunately over the years, the number of players decreased but I’m still glad that I can still play it with some people.

Sometimes, I also play Old Maid but I like Sevens more because it’s a strategy game and not a luck game. Newbies may think that the other player is winning through luck, but there’s actually a strategy behind it all. People like me who played long enough realizes it but of course the deck of cards you get is through luck and it is also a very big factor in winning the game.

And now onto Sevens… (these are the only pictures I was able to save and both are low quality)

Waiting Room

The game begins.

Basically, the 4 suits of 7 are placed on the mat and players put in cards until a suit is completed. These cards should be placed in chronological order so from 7 to Ace and 7 to King. One card per turn. You win when you have no more cards left in your hand. You lose if all your 3 lives are lost (when you pass or you didn’t place a card in the mat).

Basically there are 3 restrictions (You can see this beside the BET icon, the one that looks like a shield). The two others are Tunnel and Joker. I forgot what the shield is called, lol… found out it’s called Noob Shield (my memories are still okay).


Usually, I play with Shield because it is the most common and has the simplest type of restriction.

It works like this… ♥ suit

Starting from 7♥, player can either put 6♥ (left side) or 8♥ (right side) . The end of the right side suit is K♥ and the left one is A♥.


When you have the Joker in your hand, it can work like this…

Starting from 7♥, say you don’t have the 6♥ but you have 5♥. You can force the opponent to put the 6♥ down and the Joker card goes to his hand. The goal is dispose the joker from your hand before the game ends.


Tunnel is an exciting restriction. Strategize wrong, you lose.

Basically once you reached the end of the suit like K♥, tunnel will allow you to place the A♥ next (therefore, rather than King is the end… the player is allowed to place an Ace card next) and if you still haven’t placed the 6♥ then that is the last card you can place in the suit.

All 3 restrictions can be played simultaneously.

This was one of my favorite games in the internet.