Mister Donuts Despicable Me Minions (Yellow Bello) Brownie

I really like trying out limited edition items (and owning limited edition things) .The most recent product I’ve tried from the same company was the KFC Clover Cheese Chicken which I hated (despite loving Clover Cheese very much).

First and foremost, I do love my sweets but I know that I have a high risk of the big D so I guess I’m trying my best to cut the sugar. I did like donuts in the past but not as much as now and a traumatizing event just didn’t help.

Mister Donuts is one of the big players in the Philippine Donut industry but admittedly, I’ve only tried a few of their products like the butterscotch donut (scrap so long ago) and the twists (which my mom loved buying at 7-11). One thing which I do like from their selection is their Chicken Croissant which taste so much better and bigger than their main competitor.

I’m not really a big fan of Despicable Me but I do like the character designs of the minions so I decided to try these cuties.

I bought two designs (carefully choosing two which looks good so it would look nice as an image) since I don’t want to over-eat.  


I’m guessing each brownie is hand-drawn so you get a pretty unique piece.


Well, I just remembered that these tasted like KFC’s when I was writing the post. As a brownie, it’s very sweet. Very overempowering sugar and salt so you get thristy easily but the cocoa’s (or chocolate’s) there. It’s a bit moist and this is the type of brownies which sticks to your teeth.

For me, it’s better if I don’t give a 5 for any brownie or you’ll see me eating one everyday.


These babies cost 11php per piece. Worth it for those occassional sweet cravings.

Final comment:

Very similiar with KFC’s brownies but with a cheaper price tag.