Day 22 of 365 (2018)

It’s 10:26pm right now and I’m still awake.

Hardly a day passes when I feel happy… Yesterday was tiring, my body was craving for rest but I had to go to the dentist and do a panoramic x-ray and I’m being ask to return on Sunday again to do a root canal (please self, stop eating crap) so goodbye weekend. I have to admit that my week didn’t start happy.

It’s been 18 days since I’ve started my new work and I have to admit my performance has been terrible. It feels like I’m still not in the groove… I’ve lost my love of all things and have just become a corporate slave. God knows what happens tomorrow, FML.

I’m still living in that delusion that I would get invited to rides when he already returned the helmet and all that. But I think I’m slowly letting go of the delusion that we would ever meet again and another adventure ensures. To hell to that.

I went to eat Kumori’s cheese tart today and Mcdonalds. Totally regretted it since I had to stand in line at the MRT for almost 1 and half hours. It totally destroyed my groove to do my evening Excel studies. I have to wake up at 5 tom.

I did try to concentrate on reading “WHY I SHOULDN’T GIVE A FUCK” but yeah… too tired but hey, I did read at least 30 pages where I only remembered bits. Remember, the negative experiences matter.

I have been doing pretty much mistakes only so I should learn from that and stop reading facebook which makes me all depressed.



The 25th Birthday Message which was never posted.

I celebrated my 25th birthday in Hong Kong which I never expected to happen in this lifetime. It wasn’t the best trip but still very thankful that it did happen. A lot of hiccups from the start until the end.

I created a birthday message for my 25th like 2-3 months before the actual date and have planned to post it with a picture of me blowing a cake with 25th candles. Ermm… my family isn’t all for surprises so that’s unlikely to happen and it NEVER did happen.

So while I was writing the message, I was quite emotional and there was this song running on my head. Not sure now as I’m going to retype it.

I have always believe that my 2016 was the better year of my life. Finishing my academic obligations was my utmost priority and I was able to achieve that in 2016. But 2016, despite all the blessings, there was still something missing. 2017 comes and the 1st quarter of the year was a roller coaster. Despite all that happen, I was able to solo travel to the country which I have always wanted to go to, Japan, last March 2017. I have thought that would be the last adventure I would have for 2017.

But how wrong I was. In my life, I would never expect that I would have added experiences.

To all the new people I’ve met this year, thank you for adding color to my mundane life.

Today marks my 25th living in this world. I’m celebrating my birthday for the first time in a long time with the people who I care for.

Despite things not going my way, I’m grateful.

For the first time in a long time, it feels good to be alive.

To more adventures and experiences.

I wrote the caption on Aug. 27, 2017. When things were still okay, lol.

And now I don’t feel the same.