Welcome to my blog.

I decided to write again as a form of diary (I guess) so if you find any of the entries useful, then it’s been my pleasure. I realized that it’s difficult to write if the blog name doesn’t resonate much with you so I decided to continue with “Her Fine Adventures.”

3 years ago and now, I relatively still have the same interests. This includes food, e-commerce and travelling. Occasionally, there would be investment/money related posts. However, I would first like to say that I’m not an expert in any of these fields and I’m just a fan.


I have to admit that beginning last year 2015, I don’t have a lot of restaurants I want to try out.


Years ago, I would never have expected I can add a few more countries to my ‘TRAVELED PLACES.’ Right now, I’m still uncertain but hopefully I can add more.


Compared to years ago, e-commerce is a more accepted mode of shopping.

I’m a 20 something who has a lot of time on my hands and I felt that even though I have time, I’ve never used this to meditate more. I’ve dreams of using this time more wisely but certain I’m currently in a field of setbacks. Even now, while I’m penning, I’m dumb-folded. Hopefully, through my entries I would find my real aim.