Japan Visa Result


I got a 15 day temporary visitor visa to Japan. I’ll be going to Osaka on March 2017 (if all plans are intact).


My Japan Visa

I love the design of the visa. I also love how my picture turned out, when I didn’t like the shot made at the studio. But I’m glad it turned out alright and better than my actual passport picture.

I really don’t know how to react and whether I’m happy or sad but I’m glad this is over.


I got a text message from Reli Tours on Sunday at 18:48pm saying that I can get my passport from their office at Lucky Chinatown Mall. I submitted my requirement on Tuesday so it took 3 working days for it to be process (I was prepared to call them next next Monday in case I didn’t get it get but extremely glad that the process was efficient).

I wanted to get it on the same day to kill the nervousness but it was already late. Immediately, the next morning at 11am I went to their office and got my passport. I was pretty nervous (even more than the licensure examination) and was asked to be seated while my papers are being rechecked. I signed their claim form and my eyes sparkled from reading “WITH VISA”, so I knew then that I got a pass.


It sank to me the next day that I can go to Japan and take a break.

My reasoning were the following:

1) It’s already a paid flight so it’s a waste if I didn’t try applying for the visa and I am also unsure whether I’ll be employed this month.

2) Despite feeling extremely guilty to my brother, but I’m also thankful to him. I’m still not convinced whether he told me the truth but he also did give me the opportunity to be able to go to this trip.

3) My interviews have not been going well. I feel that this is one of the biggest reasons I need to go to this trip. I need to do self-reflection on what to do with life and how to tackle it. I can do it here in Manila but a new and unknown place is better. 5 years ago and now, I feel that the views of the future is turning is a different direction.

and of course, the negative side (why I’m thinking on whether I should go or not.)

4) Despite being able to show a bank certificate, it is my savings and something which I began last year. It might be small but it’s something which I don’t want to touch because it took me a long time to save the money.

5) I never got the fact that the expenses I might occur on this trip might reach 30,000php or more. I do have some spare money here at home but of course it’s something which I’m reluctant to spend.

6) I also had big expenses last December and now this February (on other matters) which should take a toll on my savings.

7) I realized that I really know nothing about the place and the preparations might take long and I would need to re-book my hotel.

My heart aches for the money but I still think I need to go on this trip. In the future, I know that my heart would be at ease since even though I said Hong Kong would be my last country to visit, I still went to Japan.

I’ll just go with the lines “Money can be earned back but time and experiences can’t.”


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